Born and raised in the seacoast of New Hampshire, I am currently located in the magical land of New Zealand. It is a true gift to have the opportunity to travel, meet new people, experience a different way of life, and see a whole new portfolio of visual expression.

I've been an artist for pretty much as long as I can remember, working in animation, graphic design, children's literature, and sculpture (both 3D and metal). I've worked for a wide variety of clients, such as Dora the Explorer, the Union of Concerned Scientists, McGraw-Hill Publishers, Backpacker Magazine, and Highlights for Children. Each new assignment offers me the opportunity to not only fulfill a client's need, but to further enrich my conceptual and artistic skills.

I believe that making a strong statement is not about being loud and flashy. It's about understanding your audience, knowing your client's needs, and focusing your creativity in order to develop that perfect artistic concept. I believe that what you say is as important as how you say it; to me, beautiful design speaks volumes. For over 15 years I have been fostering partnerships with my clients to help them create a strong visual statement and to find their own unique voice.

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